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Q: Why isn't the Color I see on my monitor the same as the color of my print?
A: There are two basic reasons: 1) The monitor is an illuminating device. The print is a reflective entity. 2) The digital information used to recreate a specific color on the monitor may not be “translated” the same when sent to the printer. Color Management profiles act as interpreters between the several capture, display, and print devices to insure the colors are properly recreated by each.

Q: If I send my images to an online printer company I shouldn't have to worry about Color Management, right?
A: Online printer company needs the same information your connected printer requires to accurately print the image. Color Management Workflow insures the color data submitted to the online printer (its embedded in the image) is accurate so the printer can render the colors just the way you wanted them.

Q: Why do I need to calibrate my camera? Isn't it accurate from the manufacturer?
A: There are several factors involved, each can affect the color rendering. Calibrating your camera will insure the colors in the image are properly rendered and as the camera ages, they will continue to be accurate.

Q: Why do I need to worry about Color Management?
A: Cameras, computer monitors, and printers all render colors differently. Proper Color Management Workflow insures colors are accurately reproduced between devices; and as the devices age, necessary corrections are made to insure accurate color recreation occurs.

Color Management Services

The price for Color Management tools can be prohibitive. Let us help; we have the tools and skills needed to implement a proper Color Management workflow for your photographic endeavors.

We can:
  • Help you determine your needs for a Color Management Workflow

  • Design a Color Management solution
    • Profile your camera
    • Profile your computer monitor
    • Profile your projector
    • Profile your scanner
    • Profile your printer for each paper you use for printing images

  • Assist you in implementing and maintaining your Color Management solution

Either via e-mail or at your location, we can do the printer profiling for you at a rate of $45 per profile.

Profiling service for your cameras, monitors, projectors, and scanners can be at your location at the rate of $45 per hour plus travel costs.

Consultation and Color Management training is also available.

For more information about this service, contact:

Mel Huffman

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Hillsboro, OR 97124

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