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"Images of Ireland, Scotland, Normandy, and England"

Mel and Janell traveled to Ireland, Great Britain, and the Beaches of Normandy. Enjoy some of their favorite images now showing in their galleries.

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Sharing our love of photography!

A message from Mel and Janell:

Photography and travel inspire us, open doors and develop friendships around the world, and change the ways we see and experience life.

It is our pleasure to share with you some of our favorite images. Our work is copyrighted, and we request that you do not copy our photos.

Feel free to contact us at the links shown below to request image rights or for more information.

"Looking through the viewfinder changes the way we see the world." We hope our galleries linked above give you an enjoyable taste of our discoveries.

~ Mel and Janell Huffman

Featured Image
Photo of Rothenburg
Rothenburg View

Click here to see Janell's images from her European River Cruise.



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